Test dispositifs expérimentaux sur la gestion des incertitudes

sanderContext: Following GREEN-G-EAU meeting of January on experiments, Sander de Waard from UNi Twente has developed and tested 3 sets of different experiments : irrigation, fishing and groundwater pollution.

Objective of the community of practice: The aim is to pre-test several experiments regarding the influence of relationships on the function of uncertain information and vice versa. Two digital versions of known games were tested: A sequential irrigation ultimatum game and a CPR abstraction game (a fish stock).

Results: The pre-experiment showed communication technical flaws which will be addressed, the platform allows large variations of experimental settings and treatments. The question of how exactly to address relationships within such an experimental setting remains unanswered.

Organizers: Sander de Waard (UNi Twente) and Nils Ferrand (IRSTEA)

Participants :

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